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My name is Humberto Alejandro Barrero Arciniegas, I am fifteen years old, I live in the Espinal-Tolima. I study in the school San Isidoro and I am in the grade eleven. The sport that I practise is the football and I want to study industrial engineering.

My pet is a cat called terry, he is of white color and it has nine mese of been born, he is intelligent, he likes playing and his favorite food is the concentrate and the milk

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My familiar nucleus is shaped by my dad Humberto Barrero, my mom Dora Lilia Arciniegas and my brother Jose Alexis Barrero Arciniegas who is the one that loads the pet. These persons are very important in my life and I admire and love them very much.

I like playing football because it is an entertaining sport, I train in the sports Club pijaos and there I learned that the football needs from sacrifice and disciplines.

From left side to right hand they appear Sebastian Suarez, Medardo Morales, Cristian Saiz, Omar Vega, Felipe Lara, I and Andres Vargas, this night we were in a holiday of fifteen of Mafe León, where we spend it very well with other friends.

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